DRC is one of the largest countries in Africa and 85% of people lack access to energy. This can change by developing renewable energy ‘metro grids’ in 25+ cities and aggregating the $1B in concessional and commercial capital needed.  


Bring clean energy to the 50M people that live more than 15KM away from the grid, and the 73% live on less than $2 a day. 


Our goal is to work with a consortium of alliance partners to develop and finance renewable energy ‘metro grids’ in 25+ cities. Through funding feasibility studies for expansion cities, we can provide grant financing to increase the viability of these projects, and help to aggregate the $1B in concessional and commercial capital needed. 

Intended Impact

Improve energy access for 4 million people and 30,000 businesses in 25+ cities, and avoid 4.6 million metric tons of CO2. 

  • Fish Preservation in Uganda

    Fish Preservation in Uganda

  • Unleashing DRE Electrification for Milk Preservation In Nigeria

    Unleashing DRE Electrification for Milk Preservation In Nigeria

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  • Bringing Reliable Green Power to Small & Medium Enterprises In India

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  • Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet and Sustainable Energy for All Announce Expanded Partnership to Tackle Energy Poverty Worldwide

    $50 million commitment will support the scale-up of the Universal Energy Facility and advancement of countries’ energy access and transition plans

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  • Renewable Energy Investments Can, and Should, Empower Women Across the Developing World

    For too long, women have been missing out on the economic benefits of solar power. It’s time to change that.

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  • REA Launches New Program to Boost GDP, Accelerate Renewable Energy and Unlock Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria

    The Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, in collaboration with RMI, and support from the Alliance, launches the Energizing Agriculture Program to catalyze economic development and improve rural livelihoods in Nigeria through linking mini-grids and agricultural productivity.

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  • U.S. Support for a Post-pandemic Recovery Must Prioritize Energy Equity

    Any recovery from Covid-19 must address the energy poverty of the “lost girls” of Kenya and billions of other people around the world and do so in a way that avoids contributing to the climate crisis.

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