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#LetsChangeEnergy for Good brings global leaders and changemakers together to support an inclusive clean energy transition that drive inclusive, green economic growth around the world. Join us.

Bringing global leaders and changemakers together to support equitable energy transitions that drive inclusive, green economic growth around the world.

#LetsChangeEnergy for good

Today, nearly half the world’s population lives without any access or unaffordable and unreliable access to electricity. Fortunately, for the first time in history, the technology exists to reliably and affordably empower those who lack access to energy, boosting human development by creating jobs at a massive scale, and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions that would worsen the climate crisis, all at the same time. Investing in renewable energy technologies is not only good for people, but it’s also good for the planet.

The #LetsChangeEnergy campaign is rallying people from around the world to show the global demand for a rapid, equitable transition to clean energy to changemakers, donors, governments and decisionmakers.
Together, we can scale inclusive energy transitions that power economic progress. We can tackle climate change and end energy poverty, creating sustainable and equitable economies that enable people everywhere to thrive on a healthy planet. Let’s build pathways to opportunity for all.

#LetsChangeEnergy for the environment
#LetsChangeEnergy for the economy
#LetsChangeEnergy for future generations
#LetsChangeEnergy for good

Join us! What are you changing energy for? Finish the sentence, “#LetsChangeEnergy for…” and share on your social media channels.

Let's Change Energy

The battle against climate change cannot be won by a small subset of countries, or by partial efforts. Join the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet and help us change energy for good.

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