What We Do

We’re working with countries around the world to accelerate an equitable energy transition for people and planet.
Reliable energy solutions and climate finance initiative - What We Do at GEAPP

GEAPP partners with governments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

We provide country-level support to seven foundation countries, focus replicable and scalable solutions on an additional 13 countries and reach 80+ countries through the wider Alliance. 

The seven foundation countries – DRC, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa and Vietnam – have been prioritized based on the scale of potential impact and existing government commitments to clean energy.

Our work is organized around three catalytic themes, designed to drive systemic shifts: 

  • Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE): DRE is the least-cost approach to improving access immediately while strengthening the electricity grids of the future. Particularly well suited to rural and urban communities, small businesses, farmers and factories, GEAPP sees enormous potential in microgrids to support economic development. 
  • Green Grids: The roll out of renewables is limited by weak grids without the storage needed to overcome variability (the sun doesn’t always shine, the wind doesn’t always blow). GEAPP is partnering with national utilities and the private sector to enable larger-scale renewable generation in the on-grid mix, while strengthening transmission and distribution. We’re also working on the decommissioning of existing fossil fuel infrastructure, for example in parts of Asia and South Africa.
  • Green Economy: Unless we show its possible to drive economic growth and capture value from new green industries, we won’t receive the political will to enable it to happen. That means new jobs, new industries, driving productive use of electricity (fridges, irrigation etc.), and retraining and reskilling, in partnership with governments and our Alliance partners.  

Everything we do is guided and shaped by GEAPP’s rigorous Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL), raising the bar on how we collectively assess and deliver our stated outcomes for Carbon, Access and Jobs.