Our Staff

Reflects an intentional blend of backgrounds and skills in GEAPP’s focus markets: backgrounds in the private sector, government, international development and philanthropy combine with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.
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Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) Team

  • Alex Flower

    Contracts Manager

  • Ana Lazo​

    Executive Assistant

  • Anju Mathur  

    Office Manager, India

  • Anna Smith

    Associate, Human Resources

  • Annette Mutuku

    Director, Communications, Africa

  • Avishek Neogy

    Technical Manager, India

  • Bernadette Gitau​

    Director, People & Operations, Africa

  • Bonheur Buconyori

    Country Lead, Burundi

  • Caro Brown​

    Director, Controller

  • Catherine Jeiza

    Executive Assistant and Team Coordinator, Africa

  • Charles Muthee

    Office Assistant/ Driver

  • Chianda Njogu

    Manager, Demand, Jobs, and Livelihoods

  • Chipo Hamukoma

    Senior Associate, Demand, Jobs, and Livelihoods

  • Claire Davies​


  • Claire Eboi

    HR Manager, Africa

  • Collen Zalengera R.Eng. PhD MSc BSc

    Country Delivery Lead, Malawi

  • Corey Karaka

    Director, Investment

  • Damola Omole

    Director, Utility Innovation

  • Daniel Tascon

    Manager, Investment

  • Deepak Bawari 

    Director, Mini-grids, India

  • Dennis Waweru Nderitu

    Manager, Energy Systems

  • Divya Vohra

    Executive Assistant

  • Dr. Snowy Khoza

    Senior Advisor, South Africa

  • Edward Borgstein

    Managing Director for Country Programs

  • Elizabeth Small

    Chief Legal Officer and Head of ESG

  • Emma Miller​

    Scaling Mini-Grids Specialist

  • Enas Abdulmalik

    Country Delivery Lead, Ethiopia

  • Eric Gay

    Managing Director, Communications and Advocacy

  • Eric Wanless

    Head, Solutions

  • Erika Buffa

    Executive Assistant

  • Farouk Magaji Bello

    Manager, Demand, Jobs, and Livelihoods

  • Fauzia Chevonne Okediji

    Manager, Utility Innovation

  • Felicity Tan

    Director, Global Partnerships

  • Felix Khembo

    Utility Expert, Malawi

  • Frances Santos​

    Associate, Legal

  • Hanifa Monawer​

    Managing Director, Finance

  • Hariom Mishra  

    Manager, Demand & Enterprise Development - Bihar, India

  • Ighodaro Ajayi

    Associate, Operations

  • Isabel Beltran Villavicencio

    Managing Director, Latin America & the Caribbean

  • Jenny Koh

    Investment Consultant

  • Jess Kersey

    Consultant, Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Jo Shaw

    Team Coordinator, Investment

  • Joseph Nganga

    Vice President, Africa

  • Kalistra Draper

    Manager, Recruitment

  • Kasia Krol

    Manager, Communications & Digital Strategy

  • Kate Wills

    Chief Communications Officer

  • Kenneth Kamau

    Manager, Investment

  • Kitty Bu

    Vice President, Asia ex-India

  • Larry Edevbie​

    Director, Finance

  • Lauren Olson​

    Associate, Human Resources

  • Lisa Lee

    Manager, Investment

  • Logan Appel

    Director, Global Information Technology

  • Lubna Bhayani

    Director, Partnerships, Africa

  • Lucky Nurrahmat ​

    Country Delivery Lead, Indonesia

  • Lucky Nurrahmat

    Country Delivery Lead, Indonesia

  • Lucy Nyoike

    Senior Associate, Partnerships, Africa

  • Lyza Onema Shodu

    Country Lead, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

  • Makena Ireri

    Director, Demand, Jobs, and Livelihoods

  • Marina Lahowin

    Senior Associate, Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation

  • Michelle Hammer

    Managing Director, Partnerships for Scalable Solutions

  • Muhammad Wakil

    Country Delivery Lead, Nigeria

  • Mukesh Khandelwal 

    Senior Director, RTS, India

  • Naomi Wagura

    Director, Solution Led Countries, Africa

  • Navneet Gupta  

    Associate Director, RTS, India

  • Nderaisho Leshamta

    Director, Risk

  • Nivea Ikutwa

    Executive Assistant

  • Oliver Glanville

    Manager, ACMI, Solutions

  • Oscar Garcia

    Chief Impact Officer

  • P.K. Sinha​

    Senior Advisor, India

  • Pariphan Uawithya

    Managing Director, Country Delivery, Asia

  • Rachel Morrisey

    Communications Analyst

  • Rahul Kumar Kandoi

    Technical Expert, Energy Systems

  • Richard Harrison

    Managing Director, Strategy & Partnerships, Asia

  • Ronnie Khanna​

    Director, Partnerships, India

  • Sachin Narang​

    Accounts Executive

  • Sagar Gupta  

    Manager, Accounting, GEAPP India

  • Samit Mitra 

    Director, Country Programs, India

  • Sarah Goodhart

    Director, Human Resources

  • Sarah Kanda

    Manager, Demand, Jobs and Livelihoods

  • Satya Prakash Choubey

    Director, Demand & Enterprise Development, India

  • Saul Perez

    Data Reporting Adviser

  • Saurabh Kumar

    Vice President, The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) in India

  • Seema Chandel

    Director, People & Operations, Asia

  • Shaan Boolell

    Project Manager, Spin-off

  • Shirley Collins

    Office Manager, UK

  • Shoaib Kochar

    Manager, Accounting, India

  • Simon Harford

    CEO, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)

  • Soraya Walli

    Strategic Project Lead

  • Stephen Doig

    Senior Advisor, Solution

  • Stephen Sidebottom

    Chief People and Operating Officer for the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)

  • Sundaa Bridgett-Jones

    Vice President for the Americas and Chief Partnerships Officer, The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)

  • Sunita Dubey

    Country Delivery Lead, Vietnam

  • Tabitha Olang

    Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Africa

  • Terri Waiyaki

    Executive Assistant

  • Thanutra Teerasuphaset

    Admin Assistant

  • Udaya Easwaran

    Office Manager, Asia

  • Umang Maheshwari​

    Director, Solutions Deployment, India

  • Vaishali Mishra

    Director, Communications and Advocacy, Asia

  • Victor Okinda

    Senior Associate, R&D and Market Testing, Solutions

  • Victoria Greindl

    Associate, Investment

  • Wale Aboyade

    Director, Government Enablement

  • Wanjiru Wambugu

    Associate, Youth & Entrepreneurship

  • Yinglun Teng

    Strategy Manager

  • Zeph Kivungi

    Senior Associate, Country Programs & Partnerships, Africa

  • Ziyad Cassim

    Country Delivery Lead, South Africa